CO2 storage

Within Carbon capture and storage (CCS), CMR utilize our long experience and expertise from oil and gas research and technology development. The projects focus on key processes to develop sound and reliable methods in the process of carbon dioxide being stored and safely absorbed rock formations deep below the seabed.

CCS technology and geological storage of CO2 implemented on a large scale could reduce up to 19 %of global emissions worldwide by 2050 (IEA); hence make a viable contributor to the fight against global warming.

CMR carry out projects in close cooperation both with industry and research institutions to develop sound and reliable methods for the process of long-term offshore storage of carbon dioxide. We have several ongoing projects in regards to monitoring, storage capacity and visualization  i.e. within;

  • Gas leakage detection
  • Acoustic sensing methods
  • Image registration an visualization.

CMR also host a national Centre for Environmental friendly Energy on Subsurface CO2 storage; FME SUCCESS.