Mobile acoustic observation methodologies for cabled ocean observatory transects

The scientific idea of Lofoten-Vesterålen cabled ocean observatory (infrastructure project, LoVe) is to establish real-time monitoring that produces four-dimensional properties of observations along the observatory transect (depth • distance from coast • time • flux of observed quantities). The project aims to be an operational framework which in turn will facilitate continuous monitoring of water and biomass flux along the coast by the Norwegian costal and Atlantic currents, thus connecting processes at the coast with those taking place in northern oceans. Such a perspective requires observations also in-between the stationary cable nodes, and a spatial interpolation model that utilizes all available observations to give the best possible information at the transect along the cable

Mobile acoustic observation methodologies for cabled ocean observatory transects

"Mobile acoustic observation methodologies for cabled ocean observatory transects"  is a four year PhD project financed by the Norwegian Research Council, carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Research and the University of Bergen.

The objective of the PhD project is to establish a scientific basis for autonomous acoustic observation methodologies onboard mobile autonomous surface vehicles, to enable real-time quality information for inter-node interpolation in a cabled ocean observatory transect. Such observations will  be tested and used at and in-between stationary cable nodes, with emphasis on biomass and ocean current observations.

The project involves

  • Development of relevant autonomous near real-time processing and reporting methodologies of acoustic data onboard mobile autonomous surface vehicles (ASV) 
  • Implementation and use of such methodologies onboard a mobile ASV, supplemented by data collected by traditional vessels and the cabled ocean observatory nodes,
  • Development of spatial interpolation and short-term prediction models from observed data 
  • Establishing a testing and validation framework for the observations and the interpolation models


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