Autonomous survailance of offshore fish egg and larvae

Detection and enumeration of fish spawning products is important for research, management, and monitoring related to human activities at sea. The use of autonomous vehicles for survailance of fish egg and larvae will can enable continuous and near real-time monitoring at sea.

  • Project partners: Offshore Sensing (project owner), CMR
  • Advisory board: IMR, Statoil, Runde Miljøsenter
  • Funding: RFF Vest (2016-2018)

The project aims to develop technology for offshore autonomous survailance of pelagic fish eggs and larvae through:

  • Development of algorithms for automatic detection of egg and larvae (acoustics, wideband echosounders)
  • Building on earlier projects using narrow band echosounders on autonomous vehicles and in-house processing software:
    • Implementing off-the shelf broadband echosounders on autonomous vehicle (Sailbuoy)
    • Implementing on-board processing of wideband echosounder data on autonomous vehicles, transmitting information to shore in near real-time.
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    Regionalt Forskningsfond Vest / Offshore Sensing

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