Course in fiscal oil metering

CMR has developed an online course in fiscal oil metering. This is freely available from the website of NFOGM. The course is aimed at metering technicians, supervisors and other personnel interested in fiscal oil metering.

Online course in fiscal oil metering

Based on CMR’s extensive competence in both fiscal metering and software development, CMR has supplied both the course framework and content.

The course is designed to be easy and intuitive to navigate, and can be accessed at an overview level (1 hour) or at a detailed level (4 hours).  If the course is run in “diploma”-mode, the user can download a diploma at the end of the course. The course also has a “lookup”-mode if the user wishes to freely navigate through the course. Other functions include search and interactive exercises.

Access the course.

The following topics are covered in the course:

  • Regulations and standards
  • Liquid dynamics and flow profiles
  • System design considerations
  • Flow meters
  • Calibration
  • Secondary measurement


  • Sampling and sampling handling
  • Laboratory and continuous analysis
  • Flow calculations
  • Computer systems
  • Uncertainty


Note that CMR also offers industrial courses in multiphase metering, fiscal metering and uncertainty analysis every spring and fall at our location in Fantoft. We may also arrange for that one of our scientist travels to your company to hold a course which is tailor-made to your needs. More info.