Thermal Energy Storage for Zero Village Bergen

The ambition level for Zero Village Bergen at Aadland with 800 dwellings is that the area will be self supplied with both thermal and electric energy. CMR is involved in two research projects that investigates the potential for thermal energy storage solutions for this area.

Thermal Energy Storage for Zero Village Bergen

Energy storage is a prerequisite for achieving the high level of ambition in the project. CMR’s main focus in the two research projects is optimized borehole thermal energy storage (BTES).

Project A:
Zero Village Bergen – integrated energy design and flexible energy solutions

  • Grant “Husbanken Kompetansetilskudd”
  • Partners:  Bybo, Sintef Byggforsk, CMR, BKK and Proxll
  • A FME ZEB (The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings ) pilot project

This project will test models for exchange of heat and electricity between buildings, local energy storage and power grid.

Project B:
Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) application in crystalline rocks with optimized contribution of groundwater flow for zero emission buildings

  • Grant:  Regionalt Forskningsfond Vest Kvalifiseringsstøtte
  • Partners:  Bybo, CMR and Uni Research

This project will

  • Demonstrate the use of distributed optic temperature measurements (DTS) for Borehole Heat Exchanges in the Bergen region
  • Perform geological mapping of the Zero Village Bergen Site at Aadland south of Bergen, including structural and hydro-geological investigations.
  • Perform a prestudy of a UTES system for Zero Village Bergen based on EED (Earth Energy Design) simulations

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