Measurement program, VOC emission from shuttle tanker loading

On behalf of VOC industry Co-operation (VOCIC) Christian Michelsen Research (CMR) has performed consulting work in conjunction with the implementation and execution of measurement program for measuring the emissions of volatile organic components (VOC) during loading of shuttle tankers.

Measurement program, VOC emission from shuttle tanker loading

During loading of shuttle tankers at offshore installations, the gas in the cargo tank (a mixture of inert gas and VOC gas) is evacuated as the oil is loaded. In addition, VOC gas is generated during loading, from flashing when the oil flows into the shuttle tanker and due to evaporation from the oil in the tanks.

From 2012, the Norwegian authorities changed the requirement from a specific requirement on VOC treatment equipment to a quantification of the VOC emission. As a consequence of the new requirements, Norwegian pollution authorities also required that VOCIC should initiate a new measurement and calculation program for NMVOC emissions from loading of oil on shuttle tankers in the Norwegian sector.

CMR has assisted VOCIC in the implementation of the measurement program, drawing on our expertise in instrumentation and in fiscal and environmental measurement specifically. The deliveries from CMR have been:


  • Evaluation of possible VOC measurement technologies
  • Design and development a VOC emission measurement system
  • Commissioning of measurement system installations
  • Analysis of VOC measurements


From 2012 the measurement system has been installed on 8 shuttle tankers. Of these, 3 are equipped with a condensation VOC recovery unit (VRU). These 3 ships have a double set of instruments, one for gas emission out of loading tanks and into the VRU, and one out of the VRU and out to the emission point to atmosphere. This double instrumentation is used in order to obtain more generic data for general use on the ships with no measurement system.


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    2011 -

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    VOC industry Co-operation (VOCIC)

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