Multimodal Flow Assurance Metering Station (MuFAMES)

This project focused on monitoring of small amounts of hydrates in the flow, or solids such as hydrates, wax and scale building up on the inside walls of oil and gas pipelines.

Multimodal Flow Assurance Metering Station (MuFAMES)

The RCN supported Strategic institute project MuFAMES mainly focused on monitoring of deposits in pipelines. Solids deposits are a significant challenge to the petroleum industry, and there are both economic and environmental costs related to inhibitors used and unnecessary cleaning of pipelines. A wide range of technologies have been evaluated for flow assurance monitoring purposes. This includes electromagnetic, acoustic and nucleonic technologies.

After an initial screening of technologies and a thorough evaluation of selected technologies, the main focus has been on

  • Electromagnetic technologies for monitoring of hydrate build-up
  • Acoustic pulse-echo technology for monitoring of wax, scale or hydrate deposits
  • Acoustic guided wave technology for monitoring of hydrate build-up

The development of the technologies is being continued in more recent and ongoing projects. As an example, both the acoustic guided wave technology and the electromagnetic technology have been tested for monitoring of hydrate build-up in multiphase flow at 80 barg. The tests were carried out at Southwest Research Institute in Texas in 2015.


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