The objective of this project is to develop a new software application for rapid and intuitive sketching of geology.


A software for rapid and intuitive sketching of geology is interesting both for industrial applications, e.g. in the oil&gas industry, and for academic applications. The new application will have the following functionalities:

  • Basic sketching functionality: The user will be able to quickly sketch geologic models consisting of several layers.
  • Deposition, erosion, folding and compression: These phenomena must be illustrated by sketching the results of such processes.
  • Import of geological file formats: Seismic horizons, horizon surfaces and well paths can be imported into the model
  • Insertion of geometry templates (clip art): Geometry on the top surface such as well towers, refinery buildings, trees, etc can be inserted.
  • Faults: Fault planes, including nonplanar ones, can be made. Syn-rift fault systems will be supported.
  • Texturing of layered models.

GeoSketch is developed for the Windows platform.