Environmental reporting of CO2 emissions

CMR perform 3rd party documentation of CO2 emissions for authority reporting and uncertainty analysis.

Environmental reporting of CO2 emissions

The EU Commission Regulation No601/2012 (MR-regulations) on the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions gives requirements related to the documentation of CO2 emissions. In Norway these requirements are advocated by the Norwegian Environment Agency.

The emission requirements depend on the categorization of the installation and the source stream. Each source stream has to be documented separately, either by direct measurement or by calculation based on activity data, depending on its categorization.  

CMR has assisted the following clients in providing the relevant documentation related to the metering and calculation of CO2 emissions, as well as the uncertainty analysis of the emissions when required:

  • Yara - Porsgrunn / Glomfjord
  • Statoil - Mongstad / Sture / Kårstø / Melkøya /UPN
  • BP Norge – Skarv / Valhall /Ula
  • BKK – Kollsnes
  • Conoco Phillips – Ekofisk / Eldfisk
  • Gasnor – Kollsnes
  • Esso - Slagentangen