CFD analysis of a fiscal gas metering station at Gjøa

In a project initiated by Engie, CMR has investigated possible installation effects on a fiscal gas metering station at Gjøa by use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis combined with ultrasonic meter flow calculations.

CFD analysis of a fiscal gas metering station at Gjøa

The analysis was carried out in order to understand and correct for flow meter effects on the Gjøa gas export metering station.

Through the CFD analysis, it was shown that the T-bends in the upstream header of the parallel metering tubes can cause severe distortions of the flow profiles, and that the positioning of the flow conditioners can be essential for preventing flow instabilities.

Both the pipe geometry upstream the inlet header and the geometry of the inlet header itself may affect the flow instability through the flow meters. The results found in the analysis explained to a large extent the effects found in practice.

Furthermore, the analysis showed how errors in the meter configuration file can affect the meter performance, even in cases where flow calibration has been carried out successfully.  The work was performed in collaboration with Engie, Metropartner, and FMC Technologies.