AkvaVis is a demo of a decision support system for finding the optimal locations for aquaculture.


A web based demonstrator of a decision support system called AkvaVis was developed in 2007 for locating salmon and mussel farms using GIS. AkvaVis is developed in cooperation between Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Hordaland County Council and CMR.

AkvaVis divides the relevant area into grid cells and objects containing quantitative information on localization parameters. The user can insert into the map an "intelligent farm object" that communicates dynamically with a mathematical model using the information in the grid as input for simulating the production capacity as well as with information on other objects. Once inserted, the "intelligent object" will thus immediately report back how suitable a given site would be for farming by giving a score for each parameter and a calculated total score on how the requirements are met.

Picture: AkvaVis demonstration.

AkvaVis contains an operation version for spatial planning of salmon culture in Norway, and two demonstrator versions in France and China, respectively. The system has got international attention. In collaboration with IFREMER and IMR the system is established in the Basse-Normandie region in France. The region has significant production of oysters and blue mussel. The research aims to find out if the system can be used to provide decision support for restructuring existing production areas and evaluating potential new areas.

The Basse-Normadie demonstrator: