Norwegian Marine Data Centre

Archiving and sharing of research data is an important part of sustainable and verifiable research. The Norwegian Marine Data Centre (NMDC) is a national e-infrastructure for the seamless exchange of data set for the marine research community.

NMDC is a joint effort of 16 Norwegian institutions, led by the Institute of Marine Research, to build a national e-infrastructure for seamless access to documented research data, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

The infrastructure consists of distributed data nodes that provide a local node with metadata, which is used for discovery of relevant data sets. The information about all the data sets available within NMDC is accessible through a web portal, where researchers or other end users can search for relevant data.

CMR leads one of the work packages of the project called “Applications” with the aim of developing solutions that build on top of the NMDC API, e.g. a map-based metadata exploration tool. Furthermore, CMR is involved in the development of the data portal.

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