Active Acoustic Leak Detection of Oil and Gas. A project funded by RCN through the DEMO 2000 program, and a project-cooperation between METAS and CMR, IMR, Simrad (Kongsberg Maritime) and Statoil.


The overall goal of the AALDOG project is to develop a solution based on active acoustic technology for monitoring oil and gas leaks from sub-sea installations, and to establish a commercial product for the international sub-sea market. The system developed through this project will also be used for detection of CO2 and CH4 gas leaks subsea.

CMR contributes to AALDOG with acoustic know-how and modelling of sound propagation and scattering from oil and gas (bubbles) leaks in addition to data processing. CMR also has experience with leak detection using passive acoustics and optics in several application areas.



METAS is a R&D driven company with its origin from the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen (IMR), where their original technology was developed. METAS continues to develop advanced systems using active acoustics and other sensors for marine environmental monitoring, in cooperation with industry and the research community. 



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    METAS / The Research Council of Norway

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