Lohne, Kjetil Daae

Lohne, Kjetil Daae

Department Manager

T: +47 95 85 78 13

M: kjlo@norceresearch.no


  • Environmental Observations

    CMR contribute to observe our environment through research, technology and product development. We work for effective environmental monitoring in real-time.



  • ICEX - Automatic weather station

    CMR delivers automatic observation stations that can be deployed on the ice for environmental and ice drift monitoring.

  • Bathymetry Buoy

    The Bathymetry Bouy is designed for water depth measurement and satellite data communication of data in harsh arctic environments.

  • ES300 - Upward Looking Sonar

    The ES300 instrument is an upward looking sonar used in the arctic/antarctic for measuring ice thickness. It has an battery lifetime of 1-5 years. The first versions were made in 1989 continuously developed since.

  • Seisdrift

    An autonomous drifting seismic buoy for acquisition of single channel seismic reflection data from drifting sea ice in the Arctic Ocean and real-time data transmission to shore via Iridium