Kocbach, Jan

Kocbach, Jan

Senior Scientist

T: +47 911 31 908

M: jako@norceresearch.no

Jan Kocbach is responsible for activities related to Modelling and Simulations at CMR. 



  • Modelling and Simulations

    CMR and Prototech combines a broad modelling and simulation expertise with in-depth application knowledge to effectively describe and understand different systems and processes.


  • Transducer for down-hole ultrasonic transit time measurements

    A HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) transducer has been developed for down-hole ultrasonic transit time measurements.

  • Sensitivity of Multiphase Meters to changes in PVT data

    Multiphase meters (MPFMs) rely on accurate input of PVT data and other fluid parameters in order to achieve the specifications given by the vendors. Accurate input parameters may be a challenge in many installations, especially for fields with gas lift or water injection.

  • Uncertainty analysis field allocation Kristin-Tyrihans

    Tyrihans and Kristin well streams are commingled in the production manifold topside and processed jointly in a semi-submersible processing facility installation (Kristin SEMI process plant). CMR has carried out an uncertainty analysis for the daily and monthly field allocation and field export of oil, gas and total hydrocarbon production from Kristin and Tyrihans.

  • Sensor technology for monitoring of pressure safety valves

    CMR has been the main technology partner for Sentec in developing low cost wireless smart sensor technology for monitoring of pressure safety valves (PSVs). CMR's work in the project includes the development and programming of a low cost sensor, an accompanying Android App communicating with the sensor via Bluetooth and a cloud server solution.