Heggelund, Yngve

Heggelund, Yngve

Senior Scientist

T: +47 917 97 224

M: ynhe@norceresearch.no


  • Technologies for Sustainable Fishing

    CMR works on technology that can aid in improving the selectivity and reducing the amount of by-catch.

  • Wind farm Layout planning

    The wind fam layout, that is the placement of turbines within the wind farm, significantly affects the amount of energy that will be extracted from the wind. Optimizing the layout therefore has a significant impact on reducing the cost of wind energy.

  • Offshore Wind Power Systems

    Around ten tons of greenhouse gases per person in Norway are discharged into the atmosphere per year. The government requires concrete measures to reduce these emissions before 2020. Is it possible to create a society without pollution emission, while also ensuring profitability and jobs?


  • SEAT

    A real-time system for acoustic species identification for use in fisheries.

  • Decision support for installation of offshore wind turbines (DECOFF)

    The objective of the project is to integrate probabilistic weather forecast models and advanced equipment response models, and accordingly establish probabilistic based decision support as best practice for installation of offshore wind turbines.