Acoustic fiber used for measuring various types of traffic congestion

CMR knowledge is now used to measure various types of traffic congestion. Owner of the project is Statens Vegvesen, Norway.

08.03.2018 by Gunn Janne Myrseth

Acoustic fiber used for measuring various types of traffic congestion

CMR researchers has been on the road for several days this winter. The aim is to test out acoustic fibers and to implement them into the roads in the very North at E8 in Skibotn, the Borealis project.

- The preliminary results show that fiber lines capture what we hope for: At what speed the car has, where it is on the road and shows when the traffic stops completely. The next step in technology will be another form of direct warning to cars approaching, says Karl Magne Nilsen in Statens Vegvesen to

 So this shows that the results promise good for future traffic on unintelligible winter roads. Initially, the information from this other system may send direct notification to the road traffic center. It can also be linked to information signs, which tell the drivers about slow traffic, accidents or full stops on the road.

The technology behind the future solutions is that the light passing through the fiber lines is disturbed by the vibrations when a car drives along the cables.

- The light signal we receive in return from the road varies according to the direction, size and speed of the vehicle. However, the variations are small, so it requires some analysis of this precisely, says Erling Kolltveit from Christian Michelsen Research AS in Bergen which is the  research partner in the project.




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