Asking for Norwegian floating offshore wind

120 enthusiasts from research and business gathered at the breakfast meeting. Their focus is to find a way to build floating offshore wind farms in Norway.

11.01.2018 by Gunn Janne Myrseth

Asking for Norwegian floating offshore wind

CMR Scientist Kristin Gulbrandsen Frøysa chatting with Sigmund Kroslid representing Amon. Behind Petter Hersleth, ENOVA and Liv Kari Eskeland, elected deputy representative to the Storting, the Conservative Party and member of the Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment. (Photo: Gunn Janne Myrseth, Head of Communication CMR)

The world’s first floating offshore wind farm Hywind Scotland began production in October 2017. Hywind is owned by the biggest Norwegian company Statoil. There is no plan for a similar farm in Norway but Statoil is working to take wind energy in use in the oil and gas business.


 The meeting was a cooperation between Bergen Chamber of Commerce, UiB, CMR and GCE Subsea. During the meeting representatives from public sector and the business gave their view on the situation. And as a summary it can shortly be said that there is NO EASY WAY TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

At the meeting both industry and organisations loudly gave their support, but the funding is a challenge:

  • ENOVA by Petter Hersleth was clear on the fact that their money could be used as funding if a big organisation presented a good project. 
  •  NORWEA with Daniel Willoch said it with an other angle; - To make it possible to build a floating offshore wind farm in Norway, this must be a industrial project with the vision to change our society.

Kristin Gulbrandsen Frøysa from CMR says this: “It is important to get a floating offshore wind farm in Norwegian waters soon. Because if we are to harvest our knowledge and utilize our strong offshore engeenering competence, we need projects now. In five years the market will have developed so much that we will not be in the front any longer.”


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