Greece searching for Green Energy Solutions

Elisabeth S. Sørheim from The Municipality of Bergen and CMR welcomes representatives from the Island Andros. A Island in the Cyclades, two hours from Athens. They are looking for Green Solutions for their energy need.

14.12.2017 by Gunn Janne Myrseth

Greece searching for Green Energy Solutions

At the picture Elisatbet S. Sørheim, Bergen City, in dialog with Athena Tsatsomery and Eirenia Parliarou from the Greek Island Andros. (Photo: Gunn Janne Myrseth, Head of CDommunication, CMR)

Two hours from Athens with boat. The Island Andros welcomes you. It is a summer paradise for thousands of tourists, but in winter it is quiet. Only 9.200 inhabitants. And cold because of the wind.

The EEA Grant allows Athena Tsatsomerou and Eirenia Parliarou to visit Bergen. They are representatives from Andros municipality and are working together with  researchers at CRES(The Center for Renewable Energy who represent the Greek national entity  and are coordinating the Renewable Energy Program). This team are strugling hard to get money and political understanding and consciousness.

One of the steps is to visit CMR and get our ideas and impressions in how to transform and change energy solutions. At CMR scientist Kirsti Midttømme is hosting the different EEA Grant Projects regarding geothermal, and gethermal energy mixed with other solutions as solar storage and energy applications. For if the Winter at Andros is cold and the need for heating is high, the summer is warm and cooling is also a need. And also recycling garbage, and using electric cars are subjects taken into consideration.

At Andros they have designed  small e-cars for doing official duties. But still coal, fossil fuel and gas are delivering big amounts of CO2. And the strategy from the energy company is still fossil. So Athena is on a missionary trip. She will learn and try to bring back good ideas.

SWECO also took good care of the visitors from the South. Giving a good introduction to their solutions at home at Fantoft and general knowledge.

Sweco giving presentation to the team from Andros. At front you can see Kirsti Midttømme, CMR. (Photo: Gunn Janne Myrseth, Head of Communication, CMR)