High political focus on renewable in Poland

CMR is through the EEA Grant Projects GeoHeat Pol and Geotherma 4PL, an expert for Poland in theirs efforts in developing renewable solutions. A new EEA Grant Renewable Energy Programme is under negotiations and next year a new agreement with Norway can be ready to follow up the suggestions from these research projects.

01.11.2017 by Gunn Janne Myrseth

High political focus on renewable in Poland

Picture of Counsellor Ingrid Norstein Norwegian Embassy and Kirsti Midttømme, CMR. Photo: Gunn Janne Myrseth, CMR)

“Bilateral cooperation in the field of renewable energy is important for both Poland and Norway. Geothermal energy could potentially become a new source of renewable energy in Poland. Projects can combine Norwegian competence with geothermal heat pumps, energy efficiency and design of geothermal energy systems , and contribute to progress in the sector”, tells Counsellor Ingrid Norstein from the Norwegian Embassy to CMR.

Conferences in Warsaw

Norstein also attended the closing seminar for the  GeoHeatPol Project in Warsaw at the 24 of October. This project had its focus on four cities in Poland which wants too and can be, possible cases for transferring their energy consumption from coal too different geothermal energy solutions. The importance of this project was shown by high share of politicians, representatives from several ministries and other decision makers. The polish Government knows that they have a important job to do to clean up their country. The research projects paid for by the EEA grant, is helping them getting through some of the challenges. Speeches by the Minister for Environment, The State Secretary from Energy and The State Secretary from the Prime Ministers Office all highlighted  their dreams to make Poland clean.

The next Day we had a new Seminar in Warsaw summing up the results from the other project, Geothermal 4 PL. This Project focuses on  shallow geothermal energy in general. The enthusiastic discussions  involving businesses, politicians and researchers clearly shows the will to develop and implement  geothermal energy solutions and it also shows that  the polish people are also really impatient to start . As one of the participants said it: “We may dream about getting an electric car in 10 Years time or so…..”

Both projects have developed strong consortiums aiming Poland to transfer their energy consumption. The Norwegian partners participating at the closing conferences was CMR and Sweco

In 2018 CMR and their partners in Poland will hopefully get to know more about what research fileds we can attend to help Poland transfer their energy consumption to cleaner sources.

Pictures below shows: Counsellor Ingrid Norstein Norwegian Embassy and Kirsti Midttømme, State Secretary Dep. of Energy Andrzej Piotrowski and Minister of Envorinment Jan Szyszko, Projectleader GeoHeat Pol Beata Kepinski, Departmentdirector Piotr Nowak and Kirsti Midttømme CMR, Maciej Malecki, State Secretary Prime Minister Office, Minister of Environment Jan Szyszko, Projectleader Geothermal4PL Maciej Klonowsky, Kirsti Midttømme, CMR together with Oscar P. Einarsson from Island, Kirsti Midtttømme and Stian Anfinsen at GeoheatPol, Grzegorz Ryzynski (PGI) and Peter Breuhaus (IRIS), Stian Stavland (CMR) at PGI, Grzegorz Ryzynski (PGI),Maciej Malecki (PGI), Stav Stavland, Peter Breuhaus and Kirsti Midttømme at Museum of Geology, Stav Stavland at Conference Geothermal4PL, Gunn Janne Myrseth (CMR) at Conference Geothermal4PL, Stian Anfinsen at Conference Geothermal4PL, Peter Breuhaus and M. M. at Conference Geothermal4PL., Experts at Conference Geothermal4PL, Peter Breuhaus (IRIS) at Conference Geothermal4PL, Grzegorz Ryzynski (PGI) at Conference Geothermal4PL and Jacek Kocyla and Kirsti Midttøemme (CMR). Cop.: Gunn Janne Myrseth, CMR




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