High Tech Collaboration in Robotics and Digitalisation

This is what we hope will happen after the norwegian visit to Japan. The visit- initiated by the GCE Node Innovation Cluster- took researchers from south and west of Norway to Tokyo to talk to potential collaboration partners.


High Tech Collaboration in Robotics and Digitalisation

Last week CMR  visited academic institutions, industry and the Nippon Foundation. The visit is initiated by Anne Grete Ellingsen, CEO of the GCE Node Innovation Cluster and brings together colleagues from the new research centre merger along with University of Agder.
Nabil Belbachir of Teknova, Michael Ruderman of Agder University,  and Jeremy Cook of CMR joined Anne Grete Ellingsen this week for a visit to Tokyo and potential collaboration partners.Japan-Norway collaboration


Nippon Foundation


Nippon Foundation is one of the largest independent organizations in Japan and cooperates with government, industry and academia. Nippon Foundation presented their Ocean Strategy for Japanese companies and research partners to develop innovative technologies for the offshore oil and gas industry, offshore renewables and subsea mining. This is in combination with other technologies such as Internet of Things and Arificial Intelligence.

The delegation attended the international seminar in Tokyo on “Future Technology of Offshore Oil and Gas Development” with around 250 participants. The Japanese see themselves as 20 years behind others in their technology for the Oil and Gas sector and look specifically to the key countries of UK, USA and Norway.

Mitsuyuki Unno (Executive Director, Nippon Foundation) presenting the Ocean Strategy at the international symposium

Anne Grete Ellingsen at the international seminar on Future Technology of Offshore Oil and Gas Development

Outside of attending the seminar, the group visited scientists and researchers from the region to explore collaboration ideas.

Visit to Ryosuke Matsuzaki, Associate Professor at Tokyo University of Science and heard about his work with 3D printing using composite materials.

Visit  to Tokyo University of Science, Dept of Mechanical Engineering. L to R Michael Ruderman, Nabil Belbachir, Ryosuke Matsuzaki, Anne Grete Ellingsen, Jeremy Cook


Visit to Shingo Kagami from Tohoku University, facilitated by Nippon Foundation

Visit to The Nippon Foundation to discuss opportunities for collaboration and exchange between Japanese and Norwegian institutes and industry.

The delegation visit Nippon Foundation on Tuesday - From Left to right: Michael Ruderman (UiA), Anne Grete Ellingsen (GCE Node), Nabil Belbachir (Teknova), Mitsuyuki Unno (Executive Director, Nippon Foundation), Masanori Yoshida (Head of Ocean and Maritime, Nippon Foundation), Jeremy Cook (CMR)

Norwegian delegation in Tokyo (left-right): Svein Grandum (Innovation Norway), Anne Grete Ellingsen (GCE NODE), Michael Ruderman (University of Agder), Jeremy Cook (Christian Michelsen Research) and Nabil Belbachir (Teknova)

Michael Ruderman is at Agder University with expertise in Control Systems Engineering

Nabil Belbachir is Chief Scientist at Teknova in Grimstad

Anne Grete Ellingsen is CEO of GCE Node Innovation Cluster and has had a number of senior business roles. Anne Grete was recently inducted into the Offshore Energy Center’s Hall of Fame in Texas, an honour given as a result of her outstanding contribution to the offshore industry.

Jeremy Cook is Senior Scientist and Department Manager at CMR Science and Technology