Take control on your environmental gas emissions

In March 2016 the Norwegian Environmental Directorate issued a report concerning methane and NMVOC (Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compound) emissions. CMR can provide the instruments for such actions.

18.08.2016 by Gunn Janne Myrseth

Take control on your environmental gas emissions


CMR has worked with measurement challenges related to environmental gas emissions for a number of years. We have built up a solid base of competence and both theoretical and practical knownledge. It is therefore good news that the Norwegian Environmental Directorate has mapped sources of methane and NMVOC emissions, as well as recommended methods for quantification and reduction of the emissions. Read the report here.

- Our experience is that depending on the emission source, installation and quantity, different methods may be used to estimate the emissions. We have assisted clients in designing and evaluating measurement systems for direct measurement of emission flow rate, and for other clients we have developed powerful models for estimating the emission quantity based on other parameters. In all cases we are very concerned about the cost-benefit perspective of any measurement, CMR scientist Astrid Marie Skålvik explains.

CMR competence within ultrasonic emission monitoring was referred to in part 2 of the report. The focus here was methods for emission quantification. Among different measurement alternatives, the ultrasonic measurement technology is promising as both flow rate and quality may be deduced from the velocity of sound of the flow. Another advantage is that in some cases, clamp-on, non-invasive ultrasonic transducers may be installed directly onto existing pipes.

Skålvik adds that when chosing a metering system, it is vital to have a good understanding of the specific metering challenge as well as solid competence in a number of different metering technologies. Only then the optimal and most cost-effective metering solution may be found.
- At CMR we have all this. We have world-leading experts in fiscal metering, practical experience working with industry challenges, as well as research activities at the frontier of measurement science.