New FME Centres to be announced this week

CMR is heavily involved in three initiatives: Geothermal energy, offshore wind energy and zero maritime energy solutions.

23.05.2016 by Gunn Janne Myrseth

New FME Centres to be announced this week

On the 26th of May the Research Council of Norway will announce which new Centers for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) will receive funding. Tord Lien, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, and Fridtjof Unander, Executive Director of the Research Council’s Division for Energy, Resources and the Environment, will present the new FME Centres.

There are today 11 centres within renewable energy, energy efficiency, social sciences and CO2-management. The research activity is carried out in close cooperation between prominent research communities and users. 8 of the centres come to an endin 2017. New centres are to take their place and Christian Michelsen Research AS is prospective host of one of the new initiatives and participating in a further two.There are 13 proposals which have gone through an international peer review process and are being considered as new FME centres:

CMR will, if the application is successful, be hosting the initiative ZeroMaritime - Development of Low and Zero Emission Technologies for Sustainable Maritime Transport.

The purpose of ZeroMaritime is to bridge critical gaps by research on and development of innovative solutions, facilitating and accelerating steps towards a low-carbon world utilising renewable energy in maritime shipping. The vision is to create a world-leading R&D centre for low/zero emission maritime technology and operations.

We are furthermore participating in the following two initiatives:

  • Centre for Geothermal Energy Solutions (GeoS), is to be hosted by the University of Bergen ( The main mission of GeoS is to develop sustainable and commercially competitive solutions for geothermal energy technologies and their integration in the energy system nationally and worldwide. CMR is responsible for the work package on national utilization of shallow resources for heating and cooling.


  • Centre for offshore wind energy research (COWIND), is to be hosted by SINTEF Energy.  ( One of the main missions of the centre will be to cut costs for offshore wind by 30%. A total of 10 research partners are involved in the application. CMR is responsible for the work package on Open Calls which will address urgent issues identified by the COWIND user partners and bring selected results from the project closer to commercialization.


The scheme of the Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) seeks to develop expertise and promote innovation through focus on long-term research in selected areas of environment-friendly energy.
The main objective of the Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) scheme is to establish time-limited research centres which conduct concentrated, focused and long-term research of high international calibre in order to solve specific challenges in the energy sector. The FME-scheme will:

  • Encourage enterprises to innovate by placing stronger emphasis on long-term research and by making it attractive for enterprises that work on the international arena to establish R&D activities in Norway.
  • Facilitate active alliances between innovative enterprises and prominent research groups.
  • Promote the development of research groups that are on the cutting edge of international research and are part of strong international networks.
  • Stimulate researcher training in fields of importance to the user partners and encourage the transfer of research-based knowledge and technology.

The FME scheme was inaugurated  in 2009. CMR is the host of  two of the initial FMEs: NORCOWE (on offshore wind) and SUCCESS (on CO2 storage). These two FMEs will end their functions in 2017.