Learn about Valerie's assessment of wake meandering

In 2009 we started hosting NORCOWE, one of two national research centres on offshore wind. The NORCOWE annual report 2015 is now available.

15.03.2016 by Gunn Janne Myrseth

Learn about Valerie's assessment of wake meandering

The report includes some of the highlights from NORCOWE’s research during the past year, such as our measurement campaigns. PhD student Valerie Kumer, University of Bergen, analyses wake meandering from one of the campaigns undertaken in collaboration with ECN in the Netherlands.Valerie is one of many students in the centre.

Christian Michelsen Research is project manager of NORCOWE, its centre director Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, delivers these words:

- Impact is about people. It has been my main concern as centre director to maximize NORCOWE’s impact by developing astrong culture for cooperation and joint efforts. NORCOWE should be more than the individual partners. It should be a centre where we draw on the competence of the partners in order to make successful projects. I am pleased to see that we have developed a culture for cooperation during the lifetime of the centre.

The FME centres get funding from the Research Council of Norway for eight years. In NORCOWE’s case, the centre as such will end 31st of March 2017. A new application for an offshore wind centre (COWIND) has been submitted.