Developing new functionalities in LSSS

As a part of the SEEBED project we at CMR together with IMR, are developing new functionalities in LSSS for processing and visualizing data from broadband echo sounders.

03.03.2016 by Gunn Janne Myrseth

Developing new functionalities in LSSS

Illustration in article by Tommy Thorseth

SEEBED is a fishery technology research project for the Research Council of Norway where the primary objective is to develop and implement acoustic methods of detecting and characterizing organisms that are close to the seabed. Institute of Marine Research (IMR) leads the project, with partners SIMRAD (Norway), CMR (Norway), WHOI (USA) and NMFS (USA).

SEEBED project members from IMR are now on a research cruise with G.O. Sars where the new echo sounder EK80 from SIMRAD is tested. A situation report from the cruise is given at the IMR webpages.

(Read their articles in norwegian): 19022016 02032016