CMR tool in herring hunt

LSSS helps fishermen reading echosounders. Last week it found the herring for "Libas" and IMR.


CMR tool in herring hunt

Illustration photo of traal. (Photo: June R. Johansen)

The researchers and the fishermen met the herring last week outside Mosjøen at 65°30’N. To detect the fish the LSSS from CMR and IMR is important. Read more in this (norwegian) article for IMR.

LSSS offers rapid interpretation of large amounts of data. All functionality has been built with the intention of enabling a typical user to interpret one full day of survey data in about 2 hours.

Key features include:

  • Preprocessing algorithms such as noise removal, school detection, species identification
  • Fast  loading and visualization of multi-frequency acoustic data
  • Dynamic interpretation at different zoom levels

Currently LSSS is used in 20 countries. A trial version is available from CMR upon request.