Fish Hunting with our Sailbuoy

- This looks great. Maybe we and other fishermen can use one together to locate the fishes we are hunting for. Fisherman Olav Dale from Dales Rederi is very interested in this revolutionary innovation from Offshore Sensing and CMR.

17.12.2015 by Gunn Janne Myrseth, Head of Communication CMR

Fish Hunting with our Sailbuoy

The Sailbuoy is a long endurance unmanned surface vehicle for the oceans. It is field proven to stay for months at sea, it navigates the oceans autonomously - transmitting back data at regular intervals. The Sailbuoy can be used for a wide variety of ocean applications, and this week it was presented at a conference by The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund. –  The Sailbuoy also has great potential for the pelagic fisheries to search for fish, contributing to a more economical and environmentally friendly searching phase, as scientist Geir Pedersen from CMR tells the audience about the possibilities.

- One Sailbuoy recently sailed close to the Ekofisk oil field where it had no problem  taking storms and high waves. It transmits information using satellite communication, and we can fill it with technology that is suited for different missions. For the fisheries it can be equipped with sonar and software for fish finding, as will be demonstrated in an upcoming pilot study also funded by The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund.

Read what other scientists tells about The Sailbuoy in  Aftenposten, Lars R. Hole , Norwegian Meteorological Institute:

“These vessels will revolutionize the monitoring of ocean and atmosphere”


CMR-scientist Geir Pedersen (on the left) and General Manager David Peddie in Offshore Sensing tells the fishermen how you can follow The Sailbuoy and update tracks in real-time from your computer. Photo: Gunn Janne Myrseth, Head of communication CMR.

For more information contact Offshore Sensing, a company in the CMR Group.