Invited to The Norwegian Parliament

NORCOWE met the politicians in The Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment for a talk about offshore wind energy.

05.11.2015 by Kristin Gulbrandsen Fr√łysa

Invited to The Norwegian Parliament

The Norwegian Parliament  (Stortinget) is to address a proposal from Rasmus Hansson, MP from the Green Party (Miljøpartiet De Grønne) on offshore wind.

Mr Hansson proposes a strong Norwegian commitment to the development of offshore wind in Norwegian waters. In particular, it is proposed to set up a Norwegian pilot farm with floating wind turbines.

The Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment had invited Statoil, Statkraft, NORCOWE and NOWITECH to a meeting 3rd November in order to get more information about offshore wind enerergy in general and floating offshore wind in particular. From us Kristian Gulbrandsen Frøysa as Centre Director NORCOWE, attended.

The meeting took place immediately after Statoil had announced their investment decision for Hywind Scotland.

It was pointed out by NORCOWE and NOWITECH that Norway have large offshore wind resources, a large maritime sector and that the experience and technology from the oil and gas industry may be used in the offshore wind industry.

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