Field Measurement Services

CMR offers a wide range of different services related to in-field measurement. We have have competence in a variety of measurement applications, and our scientists and engineers have hands-on experience from field measurement campaigns.

Field Measurement

CMR takes on both individual measurement missions and more extended measurement campaigns. We have a variety of different metering equipment, together with in-depth theoretical understanding of measurement technology as well as extensive hands-on experience from field. 

Below are a few examples of our field measurement services, but feel free to contact us for help with any measurement challenge.

  • Environmental
    • LIDAR
      • Wind profile
      • Scanning
    • Radiometer
      • Atmospheric temperature profile
      • Atmospheric humidity profile
    • Wind turbulence
    • Sailbuoy
      • Sea temperature
      • Atmospheric pressure
      • Sonar
    • Emission
      • VOC
      • Exhaust
  • Marine
  • Process industry
    • Flow assurance
      • Wax build up
      • Hydrate
      • Scale
    • Liquid film thickness
    • Flow measurement
  • Geothermal
    • Well temperature profile

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