Temperature Test Chambers

Three temperature chambers are available at CMR for equipment testing over a wide range of temperatures. These temperature chambers are suitable for soak testing, cycling, environmental stress screening etc.

Temperature Test Chambers

The temperature in the actual chamber is programmed from a control PC which allows easy repetition of temperature cycles. The same PC also logs the temperature in the chamber. Access ports are provided for the connection of cables. A calibrated precision Pt-100 thermometer (±0.015 °C) is also available for cross-checking the temperature in the chamber.

The temperature chambers are of different size and have different temperature range.


CMR's temperature test chambers are some of a range of facilities that is available to clients. In addition we can offer pressure chambers (including combined pressure and temperature testing), vibration testing and a variety of flow rigs for gases and liquids. Click here for a selection of our facilities, or contact us directly for more information about different test facilities. 

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