ONS; the NORCE awakens

Christian Michelsen Research is part of NORCE – Norwegian Research Centre AS and will exhibit as NORCE during ONS 2018, in Stavanger/Norway. You will find us in hall 9, stand 9416 next to the ONS Centre Court. We hope to see you!

Date: 27.08.2018
Location: Stavanger

The five research institutes; Uni Research AS, Christian Michelsen Research AS, IRIS AS, Agderforskning AS and Teknova AS are merging to become NORCE.

Come and see how THE NORCE AWAKENS - we will demonstrate our six research areas;

  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Climate
  • Environment
  • Social Science
  • Health 

It will be great fun, we promise you!

Meet our experts
NORCE is a national and international research frontrunner and during ONS 2018 our experts within oil/gas, renewables, technology, digital drilling, climate and marine will be present. Come and join us for a talk and let’s see what we can do for you!

Presentation at Centre Court
On Tuesday August 28 from 16.15-17.30 NORCE will be presenting at the ONS Centre Court in hall 9 under the title;

(Re)Searching for Smart Energy and Smart Ocean.

We all want better solutions – and this time it’s about our search for innovations improving the environmental footprint of the energy sector and the ocean space. After the presentation there wil be a reception at our stand where we serve snacks and refreshments. Come and join us from 17.30-18.30!
Check out the programme.

NORCE CEO, Elisabeth Maråk Støle will open the NORCE session at Centre Court. Støle will be accompanied by Rune Dahl Fitjar, Professor Innovation Studies at UiS and Fridtjof Unander Climate Director at The Research Council of Norway. 

Technical sessions
Also on Tuesday August 28 NORCE will perform presentations at the technical sessions in hall 10. 

  • ​From 10.00-12.00: Improved concepts for drilling operations. Moderator: Helga Gjeraldstveit, NORCE.
  • ​From 10.00-12.00: Zero-emission upstream technologies. Wind powered  CO2 and water injection at NCS. Presenter: Ying Guo, NORCE.
  • ​From 13.00-15.00: Digital operations and AI. Well data analytics. From case studies to solutions. Presenter: Anton Shchipanov, NORCE. 

Check out the programme. 

Other NORCE companies at ONS 2018
During ONS you may pay other NORCE associated companies a visit. GCE NODE’s pavilion is also found in hall 9, at stand 9340. Here you will find Ullrigg Drilling & Well Centre and The University of AgderThe University of Stavanger is just around the corner at stand 9424.   

XSENS is a NORCE spin-off company that develops clamp-on ultrasonic technology. Visit XSENS in hall 8, stand 8400/1. Sekal AS is another spin-off that develops software that automates the drilling process. Visit Sekal in hall 4, stand 4170. Norway Pumps & Pipes is a project focusing on transfer of competence and technology between medicine and oil & gas with partners from NORCE, Stavanger University Hospital, Greater Stavanger, and University of Stavanger. Norway Pumps & Pipes is located in hall 4 at stand 4146.