Hydrogen and fuel cell course aimed at maritime sector

Greenmakers, in collaboration with CMR Prototech and Greenstat Hydrogen, is offering a course in hydrogen and fuel cell technology for maritime use. Fuel cells, and hydrogen as energy carrier, provides exciting possibilities for zero emission maritime electric propulsion. The extended one day course will provide a basic introduction to hydrogen and fuel cells, and will specifically address benefits and challenges related to implementation in vessels.

Date: 14.02.2018 10:00 - 17:00
Location: Prototech, Fantoftvegen 38

Hydrogen and fuel cell course aimed at maritime sector

Greenmakers follows up on the success of the previous course on hydrogen and fuel cells, and offers a one-day course aimed at the maritime sector in cooperation with Prototech and Greenstat Hydrogen.

Course content / topics:

  • About hydrogen / Tomas Fiksdal, Greenstat Hydrogen
  • Production and distribution - hydrogen (supply chain) / Tomas Fiksdal
  • Lunch
  • Overall / Tjalve Svendsen, Prototech AS
  • Fuel cells / Tjalve Svendsen
  • Integration in vessels / Tjalve Svendsen
  • Fuel / Tjalve Svendsen
  • Economic considerations and profitability analyzes and prospects / Tjalve Svendsen

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