Visualization of geoscientific data

CMR has long experience with research on visualization of geoscientific data. We have collaborated closely with several oil companies in addition to collaboration with the University in Bergen.

Visualization of geoscientific data

Two projects are especially important in this connection. One is the SHIVR project were we developed a Virtual Reality application for Statoil. In the Geoillustrator project we collaborated with Statoil and the University in Bergen on illustrative visualization of geological models.

Data types we have worked with include

  • Data from seismic surveys, 4D seismic
  • Well cores
  • Geological models
  • Reservoir models
  • Well data
  • Production data

We have worked with very different visualization techniques related to these data types. These include volume visualization were we utilized the GPU and octree techniques for fast rendering of seismic data sets that are too large to fit in computer memory. We have also implemented illustrative rendering techniques for human centred communication of geological models.