Fiscal metering

Fiscal metering is measurement related to buying and selling, and for calculation of tax. CMR is involved in developing of fiscal meters, and evaluation and surveys of fiscal metering stations

Fiscal metering

CMR has worked closely with the University of Bergen for over 40 years, developing ultrasound fiscal current meters for oil and gas, and uncertainty modelling for fiscal measurement systems. CMR has internationally renowned expertise within ultrasound current meters and can offer services required by industry in this field.

Fiscal metering includes

  • Sales measurements
  • Allocation measurements
  • Emission measurements of flare-, fuel-, and flue gas, and other emission measurements

The numbers are high. Fiscal measurement of large volumes of oil and gas requires highly-accurate current meters. Even relatively small but systematic measurement errors over time can be of great financial importance to the nation’s revenue. A number of ultrasound fiscal measurement systems operate on the gas export lines in the North Sea, where pressure and temperature during operation are substantially different from the pressure and temperature used during calibration. If this is not taken properly into consideration, it may result in significant and systematic measurement errors, affecting the companies’ and nation’s economy.