Advanced data analysis for Oil&Gas

In today’s Oil&Gas installations, sensors have become ubiquitous. Advanced data analysis, integrating information from different sensors, yields, e.g. valuable information about production processes and machine health.

Advanced data analysis for Oil&Gas

In order to leverage the information available in modern Oil&Gas installation to its full potential, in-depth knowledge of advanced data analysis technique, such as time series analysis, machine learning, and multivariate analysis is needed.

Examples for applications of advanced data analysis in the context of the Oil&Gas industry are

  • Anomaly detection for process monitoring and machine health monitoring
  • Trending of production parameters for monitoring and optimisation
  • Empirical estimation of unknown calibration parameters, e.g. oil properties

The integration of multiple information sources, across sensors and machinery, allows us to abandon the one parameter-one sensor keyhole perspective and take a more holistic approach on process monitoring and similar fields. Possible redundancy in the collected information can be exploited to increase accuracy, robustness, or both, besides potentially uncovering hidden relations between observed parameters.